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Right now, there’s more information than ever before…

Yet most people still struggle to find real success in the stock market.

If that’s you… It’s not your fault.

Most people turn on the television, or the news, or even popular websites to tell them how they should invest.

What you need… is a guide.

And that’s why we’re inviting you to pair up with some of the most well-known experts around the financial industry who deliver timely, and actionable tips.


Celeste Lindman

Chief Editor, and Ask The Pro’s Host
Through the years, Celeste has first hand experience with both the highs and the lows with trading. With a natural gravitation to finance, Celeste graduated from Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and went on to become a registered CPA. Even with her endless experience in the finance industry, and even working in Manhattan, Celeste found herself on the losing end of the 2008 Great Recession - watching her financial advisor lose her over $1 million dollars in her retirement account.

That’s when she decided to take action, and take her finances into her own hands. Since that day, Celeste has flown around the country to meet with some of the best traders in the world, who have taught her the tricks to not only multiply her personal account, but also consistently beat the S&P. Now, she’s on a mission to connect YOU with some of the best names in the entire trading universe…

Roger Scott - Senior Strategist at WealthPress

Roger has 25 years of experience trading everything from corn futures to stock options and ETFs. Roger became a trader right after finishing law school. He used $5,000 from a car insurance payout to fund his first trading account. He ran his first fund with two Ivy League economists — both advisers to the White House during multiple presidencies.

Over a 10-year stretch, Roger’s strategies turned $20 million into roughly $740 million. His clients have included one of the 10 wealthiest families on Earth. In 2008, Roger started his first trading education and advisory company. He’s been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg and Fox Business. When meeting with Roger, be sure to ask him about “Momentum Levels”...

Tom Busby - Head Trader at Diversified Trading Institute

Tom has been a professional securities trader and broker since the late 1970s. Tom started with Merrill Lynch in 1980 and became Vice President of Smith Barney in 1984 - which later was purchased by Morgan Stanely. Tom founded Diversified Trading Institute (DTI) in 1996.

Frequently quoted and published in “Active Trader” magazine, Tom actively trades and invests in stocks and options. Guest appearances include CNN, First Business News, MoneyShow.com and Steve Crowley’s “American Scene Radio.” He’s also the author of “Winning the Day Trading Game”, “Trade to Win” and “The Markets Never Sleep.” On Ask The Pro’s, he delivers key insights on the futures markets, and what stocks stand to benefit...

PLUS: Special Appearances From Guests Like… Tony Saliba, Geof Smith,
Markay Latimer, Jack Carter, Lance Ippolito, Garrett Baldwin, and more...

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